JS Manners is a tool to score scripts that 3rd parties (people or companies outside your dev team) provide for you to put on your page. These scripts can save you a lot of time and provide neat features on your site, but they can also be security risks, cause performance problems, and make debugging a nightmare.

Call it the 'YSlow for widgets' if you will.

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To make your result part of the JSManners public ranking, submit a pull request on GitHub to add your file to the `/data` directory. Once accepted, it will appear in the ranking below.

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Who build this?

JS Manners was built by Andrew Betts, with assistance and contributions from Ilya Grigorik, Ben Vinegar, Guy Podjarny, Steve Thair, Kyle Kinnaman, Stoyan Stefanov, and Barbara Bermes. If you have feedback or suggestions, please submit a pull request or open an issue.